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Saturdays, July 15, 22, and 29

10 AM to 4 PM

Find your way to be creative in virtual reality!

Is creativity important? With the highly developed technologies around us today, more and more humans are being replaced by robots in the workplace.We may think that human thinking and creativity is not needed anymore. But there is at least one thing that humans do better than machines: CREATE!


ARE YOU CREATIVE? Most people don’t know for sure. In this study, You will be designing a wearable device in virtual reality and will get sound feedback from brainwaves.This study will increase our understanding of how creativity can be developed. 

 This study is a collaboration between the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Mike Yang, visiting research scholar at the University of North Texas.



Fun Fact

The OMNI sound system has 50 speakers, driven by 8 amplifiers that produce over 24,000 watts of sound through 6 channels and a giant sub-bass stack to give the audience that “you are there” feeling.

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